• I worked with Robyn on a larger project where we wanted to incorporate DEI into our work environment, processes and practices... As a relatively young global organization, incorporating DEI was something that was important to us as we continued to grow. I would highly recommend Robyn for any consultative services. Her breadth of experience in this area, coupled with her drive to help organizations create a culture and environment that is inclusive and inspired helps organizations achieve high performance culture, while fostering the inclusion so important to achieve this success.
    Staff/Project Lead
    Invest Alberta Corporation
  • In the sessions I participated in with Robyn, I noticed she engages her clients through deep listening, astute observational skills and critical questions pointing to the heart of the matter. She brings critical race analysis and understanding of systemic barriers to her organizational and relationship analysis. She carries a clear understanding of how to build organizational teams, good processes, and relationships built on equity, clear role responsibilities and communication styles that foster understanding and cooperation.
    Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre
  • I have participated in workshops led by Robyn on topics of Power and Privilege, Cross Cultural Competencies, as well as Cultural Re-Integration. Robyn is a strong communicator and is honest, dependable, and hardworking. Beyond that, she is a skilled problem solver, working to address sensitive and complex issues with wisdom and grace. Along with these skills, Robyn is a joy to work with. Her kind, calm demeanor fosters positive and open discussions. She is a team player, valuing inclusion, especially in the context of an internationally diverse work environment.
    Country Director
    Mennonite Central Committee
  • Robyn did a great job of creating a presentation that allowed us space for introspection about ourselves and what is important to each of us while also listening to other people's reflections on themselves.
    Evolve College of Massage Therapy

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